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11/23/2005 - Whew! Uploaded almost FIFTY new sounds from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith! For those that is applies, have a good holiday. I, for one, am taking a break!

11/21/2005 - The day has come to an end; and while they are not yet uploaded or the webpage links added I have now finished some thirty-five quotes from Revenge of the Sith. I am basically going chapter-by-chapter though the dvd - ever tried just listening to a movie? It is quite interesting!

11/17/2005 - ...have gathered all the Revenge of the Sith requests, highlighted a copy of the script for requested lines plus any of my own favorites. At the moment I am in the Trade Federation Crusier...
Ack! Ran out of time and now tonight (11/18) is all about Harry Potter. Oh and stupid digital only script (purchased official copy) won't keep my highlights nor print out. :(

11/13/2005 - Well if anyone is interested I thought I would throw out the link to my new "blog" - Hurlyburly. WordPress is a mighty fine program and I have enjoyed learning it over the last couple of months or so. Kudos to open-source!

11/11/2005 - For your listening pleasure, at least thirteen new music clips from Star Wars: A New Hope. This basically covers the first disc in the most recently released 2 disc set...didn't mean to but ended up with four variations of the Cantina Band music :)
Update:There are now a total of 21 music clips which seems to cover the film quite well!

11/9/2005 - At this very moment I am preparing the audio to begin extracting quotes from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. Requests already submitted should be fulfilled as soon as I can.

8/8/2005 - The original quotes downloaded from the official Gladiator website - now sadly gone (don't care if it's been 5 years! :)) are on the new Other Films page (along with Chronicles of Narnia). They were a little quiet so I amplified and cleaned up a bit. Some music clips to follow soon.

8/3/2005 - To do list

  1. finish requests [done!]
  2. restore page for Gladiator
  3. REALLY get a good page done for Moulin Rouge
  4. finish Star Wars and get linked somewhere like TF.n

8/1/2005 - Eight new sounds from various Revenge of the Sith t.v. spots have been uploaded

8/1/2005 - Well with only a teaser trailer to work with so far, have finally put up a few sounds from the upcoming Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

6/10/2005 - For those that may use it, the top updates on the home page are now contained within an RSS feed. The link to use is http://audiblebeauty.net/news/rss.php.

6/9/2005 - It has been more than 10 days since my last viewing of Star Wars - oh dear! So to feel better I created a bunch of music clips from Revenge of the Sith.

6/6/2005 - Added Google Site Search boxes on the main page for faster access to, I don't know, every quote by Legolas perhaps. Also good if basic browsing through the navigation has not brought desired results.

5/28/2005 - Currently working on some site redesign as I have really become interested in both using newly-aquired Dreamweaver and learning how to use the best web standards, including cascading style sheets for layout. The use and navigation of the site will remain very much the same. I am looking forward to getting some more sounds up too at the same time, though I guess we'll see...

5/22/05 - Added four new music selections from Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith which are now available on a new page for that film.

5/9/05 - The last two weeks have been spent in moving the entire AudibleBeauty.net site (and Dorian Mirth for that matter) to a new hosting provider. The new host offered to install phpBB in one-click so I took the plunge (remembering the pain of installing Ikonboard). After just one evening, all the posts, topics and members of the previous forum have been uploaded and imported. Everyone's usual logins should work (let me know if they do not). Most everything should in fact look quite the same. Although tweaks will surely continue to trickle in the next little while.

3/31/05 - Finally! Twenty-four (24) New Sounds from Star Wars: A New Hope. Plus my grand plan is revealed...notice the unlinked quotes on the page, those are coming soon. Basically I transcribed the entirety of Quotable Star Wars by Steve Sansweet to provide excellent guidance on where to start on the many great lines from the original trilogy. Do enjoy!

3/11/05 - Will not be around for awhile, or else I would be able to do more... but I have quickly put together some quotes from the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith theatrical trailer released just this evening.

Update: You can now download normally from the Star Wars Prequels page.

3/8/05 - "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

So just pretend I have taken a very looooong lunch lately. There have been many things to use my time instead of web and sound stuff lately. I would desperately like to get back on track but alas, that will take some time...