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9/29/2006 - After removing another 66 useless spam accounts from the forum, I have decided to close off new user registration completely. I dislike such a drastic move on what is supposed to be a community tool, but I just do not have time to filter out the flood of junk coming this way. I have no problem letting any real person register in order to post a thought or question, please contact me directly anytime and I'll be happy to add you.

9/17/2006 - New sounds (yes you heard me right!) for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. I decided to just dive in and try and catch every memorable quote I liked from the movie. Because of upcoming events (ahem, starting a master's degree) I will no longer be able to take requests. Please enjoy 43 new quotes from TPM to start with, as I still have to grab some from the final battle(s)...

9/15/2006 - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Complete Recordings will be released November 7, 2006. See the Press Release. Woot!

8/7/2006 - Update on the complete recordings for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It is all but official for a release date of late October (2006). Follow all the latest news details at the MovieMusic.com forum. And I still have hardly listened to Fellowship enough!

8/7/2006 - The Forum has been updated to better match the style of the rest of the website. Also, some 80 inactive users (probably all spammers) have been removed. The next step will probably be users who have "0" posts. While it is neat to have a large number of users, if a lot have never returned after registering what is the point of their membership?

7/24/2006 - Okay here's the thing. I am starting graduate school and still working full time this fall. I desperately do not want to let anything around here get stale, no matter the excuse. Maybe I will just hope that all the hundreds of sounds will keep new and old visitors happy for awhile...

I am also working on fighting message board spam. New members have to be approved now. If the username looks funny and I don't feel like checking out other details about the account, I usually do not approve it. So if you have recently joined and cannot post, please email me using the contact form and let me know.

4/27/2006 - Introducing (for possibly the second time) my own blog: Sound and the Fury. Now that I am regularly reading various RSS newsfeeds easily with Bloglines.com I thought I would shared interesting items found. The focus is intended to be on movies, music, trailers and other topics related to Audible Beauty. I am trying very hard to post regularly since I enjoy fresh content as much as anyone else! Update:Simply not as consistant or regular as I feel I should be for a blog. It was fun while it lasted...

4/20/2006 - The messageboard has been upgraded to the latest version of phpbb. All user accounts and messages remain as before. The "look" might take awhile to catch-up.

4/8/2006 - It has been a long time since an update I realize. Lots of lots of stuff just kept coming up, blah blah blah. Completed tonight are all the current requests covering Return of the King, Two Towers and Revenge of the Sith. Hopefully soon I can get back into the swing of regular updates.