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12/29/02 - 24 NEW sounds from The Two Towers!!

12/25/02 - A small holiday gift, in the form of the new Rohan theme from The Two Towers.  Merry Christmas!

12/7/02 - Scattering of new Lord of the Rings sounds, from requests plus a bunch from the ending scenes of the Fellowship of the Ring. As clips become available with the release of The Two Towers, expect to see quotes from them in the coming weeks, and of course music clips from the soundtrack.

11/11/02 - As per request, new quotes from the conversation of Arwen and Aragorn on the bridge in Rivendell (i.e. "I choose a mortal life")

11/8/02 - Been busy lately with other web sites, but don't worry I still always check out the messageboard regularly for requests.  Anyway, found some quotes from the Fellowship prologue I did way back in August and finally uploaded them!

10/18/02 - The Trailers page has been getting A LOT of attention (thank you!) but here's some new sounds from Moulin Rouge!  Plus, nine more from the latest Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers trailer.

10/12/02 - Wow, thank you TheOneRing.net for posting my submission re: Trailer Music!

10/11/02 - More additions on Trailer Music Source page

10/10/02 - Small update on the Trailer Music Source Page for the new Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers trailer.  New sounds (especially from the trailer) coming soon...really:-)

9/22/02 - Happy Birthday Frodo and Bilbo!  Thinking of lots of new sounds...in the meantime, leave your requests on the messageboard (you don't even have to register first)

9/8/02 - New page about Trailer Source Music for Lord of the Rings

8/19/02 - Eleven new sounds from the upcoming Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, plus Eight new sounds from November's Extended Edition of Fellowship of the Ring - lovin' my new DVD obviously :-D

7/31/02 - Plus six more music sounds from Fellowship of the Ring.  As always, enjoy!

7/28/02 - Visit my new MESSAGEBOARD!  Please feel free to leave requests or comments there.

7/7/02 - plus more Moulin Rouge!

7/3/02 - Well Star Wars Episode 2 was brilliant! Here are a few more sounds from it.  Plus, additions to Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and downloadable versions of the actors welcoming you to lordoftherings.net.

5/14/02 - Everything's up and running!  I'm very happy with my new web hoster PowWeb!  

4/27/02 - Tons of new sounds! Right in the middle of changing web hosting providers (name will stay the same) so some links may be broken or not yet active

4/2/02 - Brand new sounds from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers coming out this December!! From the special preview now running with Fellowship of the Ring.

3/16/02 - structural overall, including splitting navigation by film, no new sounds
Note: Lots of new music clips planned in the near future, please come back to check! In the meantime see my other web page that I've been devoting recent time to, Vis Sit Tecum Musicorum.