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11/25/2007 - A long-desired bit of music not available until the recent release of the Return of the King Complete Recordings: Rohan Charge on Pelennor Field. I am preparing more comprehensive pages about the music of each Lord of the Rings film based on these wonderful recordings and hope to work on them properly soon.

11/10/2007 - Uploaded a couple Star Wars: A New Hope quotes in an effort to begin doing a little bit more often.

10/12/2007 - UPDATE: Release date changed to November 15, 2007 (according to Amazon anyway). Ready to have ALL the wonderful music from Return of the King? On November 6, 2007 a four-disc set wraps up the complete recordings of Lord of the Rings. Amazon.com is taking pre-orders and you can see a track listing on TheOneRing.net. Glorious news!

10/8/2007 - Added a new search provided by Google that lists the results right inside the website, plus put the search box on every single page. It will also search the entire forum at the same time. Take advantage of the collective wisdom of the forum (like for trailer music for example), plus find out why there are not any Harry Potter sounds around here.

10/8/2007 - Thirteen new sounds from Star Wars: A New Hope. Finally got all my useful stuff set up on a sweet new computer! In other words, hopefully updates more than every six months :)

5/28/2007 - Added a handful of quotes from the beginning of A New Hope--happy 30th anniversary by the way!

2/22/2007 - The forum is hopefully spam-free now, thanks to a new "mod" just installed that combats spambots and their terrible automated registrations. This should mean that normal human beings can register without so much trouble. Now maybe we can get on with the business of discussing music (and more)!