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12/22/03 - New music clips from Return of the King - a stately Gondor theme ("Steward of Gondor") and a beautiful new theme for Faramir.

12/19/03 - Added Frodo's "end of all things" line to Sam, from commercial so dubious quality for now

12/18/03 - 18 new sounds from Return of the King...Okay I'm sensing a completely accidental pattern here... :)

11/24/03 - You can now buy t-shirts and various products from Audible Beauty to show your support of this site (and the sounds you love to download): http://www.cafeshops.com/audiblebeauty. Also currently working on a F.A.Q. (in-between pesky real life duties).

11/3/03 - The message board is back up with a fresh new look, for now go to http://audiblebeauty.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi

11/2/03 - Folks, the message board is having a lot of problems lately.  If you get error screens trying log in or post, try clearing your stored cookies first.  Otherwise I'm working on getting it in a better condition as soon as possible.

10/30/03 - Update on Return of the King Trailer Music

10/23/03 - A few new sounds from The Two Towers, including musical clips "Last March of the Ents" and "'Siren call' of the Ring"

10/9/03 - Hmm, 18 new ones again...This time better quality Return of the King preview quotes and new ones from the Two Towers Extended Edition preview

9/29/03 - 18 new sounds from the Return of the King trailer, including a bit of the "Gondor" trailer music.  And welcome those coming from http://www.theonering.net, http://www.warofthering.net or any other news sources.

9/26/03 - Sounds from the stunning new Return of the King trailer should be up by Monday, September 29.  More trailer music information has been completed for the DVD preview, and the basic outline for the new trailer is up.

9/25/03 - More from The Two Towers

9/23/03 - New sounds from The Two Towers, most in fact from old requests (so a lot of the best lines). Includes special extra-long cut of Sam's entire speech from the end of the film. More to come, including of course from the impending trailer for The Return of the King!

7/30/03 - WOW! A preview of The Return of the King has been released.  Check out NEW SOUNDS and the beginnings of Trailer Information for the final film.

7/28/03 - NEW musical selections from The Two Towers: Eowyn's Theme, Breath of Life, Rohan Sanctuary, Eowyn's Loss and a Balrog of Morgoth.

7/13/03 - Sorry, still nothing new (at least in sounds).  Still getting things put back together after losing all that stuff in May.  One thing I had just finished and was about to post before was a bit of Eowyn's Theme, which I will get back on as soon I as install Cool Edit, copy the soundtrack and so forth.

On May 2, 2003 the hard drive on my home computer went poof! along with all my source files, pending sounds and research for this web site. With this upset, suffice to say there won't be too much new stuff around here for awhile. Requests posted after May 2nd cannot be fulfilled at this time, if ever. And I'm afraid that that as I rethink things around here requests will probably not be in the future of this web site. I am still committed to adding new sounds, say from the upcoming Return of the King, but the choosing will be my discretion. I also still plan on updating the Lord of the Rings Trailer Source Music page when new trailers debut. The original genesis of Audible Beauty was to focus on the music in my favorite movies and I would like to return to that, as opposed to individual lines or quotes. Thank you. Questions or comments? Send me an email

4/27/03 - Small updates along with new requests on the Messageboard

4/16/03 - ONE MILLION HITS since May 13, 2002! Thank you!!

3/28/03 - In honor of meeting the wonderful Craig Parker at theOneRing.net Oscar Party, please enjoy new musical selections from Haldir's Lament

2/28/03 - There will be no new requests taken on the message boards for the month of March due to RL (real life) commitments.

2/13/03 - *Hopefully* will be adding new sounds throughout the weekend (especially all those old requests!)

2/8/03 - Finished putting up larger sound files (like Moulin Rouge) in mp3 format.  Bandwidth is doing very well now, thanks everyone for your cooperation and patience.

1/22/03 - Site was shut down for two days due to excessive bandwidth usage. 

1/12/03 - Rounding up broken links and other site maintenance.  A note on requests, I do not at this time have access to the entirety of Two Towers (just have to go see it in the theater again, oh darn) so any quotes not already up or not in trailers or publicly released clips probably will not be up for awhile...