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12/30/04 - Thirteen new sounds have been uploaded for Star Wars: A New Hope. They are all from the beginning of the movie in Tatooine - and it seems I like that silly droid Threepio! I do hope more will be forthcoming soon.

12/30/04 - A quick message to say that not all is neglected, just delayed. Please be patient for a whole slew of sounds from Star Wars: A New Hope and hopefully some from Return of the King: Extended Edition (one reason why I have no time lately - do you realize how long that thing is? :)

11/15/04 - New sounds available from Return of the King, especially some nice ones near the end of the film. Also planning on some quotes from the forthcoming Extended Edition...

11/12/04 - Please feel free to use and bookmark forum.audiblebeauty.net to reach the Messageboard (yeah we tried this before, I know but there's a new behind-the-scenes techniquie now). Also for the messageboard, Ikonboard is releasing an upgrade which I am planning to install fresh when ready. Users, logins, posts will all carry over when the time comes.

10/16/04 - This is it, the first sounds from the original Star Wars trilogy in lovely audible splendor. First up are 10 from Empire Strikes Back.

10/16/04 - Finally finished moving over any good quotes that were temporarily stored in a "requests" subfolder. So that means 34 new sounds have been added to Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and Moulin Rouge collectively. Now for Star Wars...

10/12/04 - Immensely enjoying the recent release of the original trilogy of Star Wars on DVD, I thought I would declare the rest of the year "all Star Wars all the time". Lord of the Rings has been great of course, but we just might have enough sounds from it already (368 total!!). I will work on all requests that have been submitted so far, however after this date any request not concerning Star Wars is subject to deletion! Please don't make me delete any topics, I would hate that :) (the exception to this is of course Return of the King Extended Edition....)

9/23/04 - New sounds from the Return of the King have been added as a result of requests, plus a few extras.  Lots of great stuff with Rohan especially!

9/7/04 - New sounds have been added to Return of the King as a result of requests.  Also any requests for music not on the released soundtrack will be held pending release of the big complete soundtrack next year.  As discussed on the messageboard it is near impossible to get clean samples from a film's audio tracks without some dialogue and very often many sound effects.  Such Pending Requestswill be kept in the forum of the that name, previously used for upcoming releases like the Star Wars DVDs

8/21/04 - Added some additional information on the Lord of the Rings Trailer Music Page after discovering some items from related online searches.

8/19/04 - As some may have noticed, and as noted elsewhere on the message board, the last week has not been good for the site.  First the home page was hacked by er "FoRks" or something and now there are great troubles with server setups.  These news items may or may not disappear frequently from the front page but should always be available through the messageboard itself.

7/27/04 - Sorry about the lack of updates everyone.  Usually I do try for a couple times a month, but alas my workplace is in the middle of moving which, while not going into overtime or anything (yet), has meant less energy and desire for home computer time.  Way in the back of my mind there are still grand plans to unfold!

(Note: For the latest updates either sign up for the mailing list for major additions, or if a member of the messageboard try the 'Forum Tracker' on Web Site News)

7/6/04 - No new requests will be taken for the time being while I catch up and try and add plenty more (without needing to be requested, like from Return of the King).

6/28/04 - Never mind, I guess not on the handy shortcut for the messageboard.  FrontPage just is not going to allow that kind of customizing on the server side.  At least it's allowing this news posting on the home page (a server side include)...for now...

6/27/04 - Updated the Frequently Asked Questions after digging out and creating screenshots of older designs of this site (current look about version 3.0).  And it wasn't immediately obvious from my statistics but it seems this site has received 2.6 million hits since May 2002!

6/17/04 - You can now type in and directly access the messageboard with boards.audiblebeauty.net. Thanks for visiting!

6/15/04 - New sounds added for Return of the King, mostly as a result of various requests.  Also fixed the contact form which should be working now.

5/27/04 - In the battle against spam I have created a contact form for anyone who would like to send me an email.  You are also welcome to post any questions or feedback on the messageboard also (which I monitor pretty closely). Thanks!

5/13/04 - The 'http services' were cut off last night but after contacting tech support have been restored.  Apparently it had something to do with Moulin Rouge sound samples.  I have manually renamed some of the affected files to break any hotlinking (if that was the culprit) so sorry for any broken links for now.

5/01/04 - General housekeeping, including links to long-buried sounds for Fellowship of the Ring.

4/29/04 - Browsing the Soundtrax 5.0 forums and I found a link to an awesome 192kps excellent quality version of Gothic Power.  Download from this link!

4/13/04 - Currently working on requests on the messageboard and trying out a new way to post updates on the home page.  Anyone, registered or not, can reply to this post to leave a comment about this update or the site in general.  Just click on 'View Post' below and then add a reply for the message post.  I love to receive feedback and will try and answer your questions

4/8/04 - Small updates in several places, most of all in the messageboard where requests are now being taken from Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers) and Star Wars.

3/23/04 - Meeting Ray Park (Darth Maul) at an autograph signing session has brought back wonderful memories of Star Wars.  So then tonight I have had some great success getting some audio ready from the original trilogy, go me!

2/9/04 - Finished adding Return of the King quotes from the Japanese trailer and New Line Awards site clips (Go ROTK for Best Picture!!) This may be it for February and I apologize now and in advance if I've been slow on email or other responses

1/13/04 - Adding lines from the Japanese ROTK trailer, today "I wish I could have seen him..." by Arwen